I found Lionela when I was searching for something to help me. I was looking to expand my inner peace and extend greater patience towards my daughter and husband. I found myself being cross or frustrated at times with both of them. I was curious about meditation and went into it with an open mind and heart. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Once I began my practice my whole world changed. Not only did I feel it and notice it, but so did my loved ones. It has brought a beautiful new rhythm to our family. It has helped me immensely with my relationship with my daughter. Meditation has helped her in so many ways also. It was her first year of school and she had many challenges with different children almost daily. Lionela has helped me with positive affirmations and ideas to keep a beautiful and kind connection to her soul. Its been a blessing having Lionela as a teacher….she is an incredible inner spiritual guide. I have learned so many amazing things from her. People forget to take time to rest your mind and reconnect with your heart, which is so extremely important. I wish for every human to have the chance to learn meditation with all the different methods, as it is truly so valuable. 

Thank you, Lionela, for all the blessings I have received from our sessions and in my everyday practices. It has changed my life forever in the most extraordinary ways.


Meditation is something I’ve been trying to get into on and off for the past couple of years before I had the wonderful opportunity of having private sessions with Lionela. I started off being a skeptic, dealing with internalized resentment from my job, toxic friendships, and a recent end to a long term relationship. My first session with Lionela was unforgettable. Although it was through a Skype session, I felt instantly connected to her presence, energy, and kindness. What I love about our sessions is that although I feel extremely vulnerable, she was always accepting of my thoughts and perspective. All the tension build up I’ve carried over the years slowly disappeared after my first week having the session with her and following her daily meditation exercises. Not only does she tailor the meditative practice to fit your personal struggles, she is effective in approaching difficult problems with humor and profound insight. After my 3rd session with her, I feel more loving, optimistic and patient. It’s crazy to imagine that just a couple months ago, I experienced severe anxiety, anger and depression. She is truly a an amazing teacher and I can’t thank her enough for lifting a huge weight off my shoulders.  


They say that it’s impossible to be mad at someone who is showing you love.  The same is true for yourself and your own gratitude for life.  When you’re actually feeling gratitude, it’s impossible to be negative.  Sure it’s easy to say that, but it’s not easy to incorporate gratitude into your life.  Even for Zen masters and Buddhist monks, it’s not easy to have control of your wandering mind at all times.  So meditation is really necessary for any person wanting to better themselves.  At Infinite You Meditation, the kind and loving Lionela Torriero skillfully teaches you how to make gratitude part of the fabric of your life.  I’ve been meditating with Lionela for over a year now and I have increased my productivity, success and overall attitude in life just by doing simple breathing and calming techniques Lionela teaches.  When you can think of nothing and just exist in bliss, even for a few minutes… the power of that habit (when practiced often) is really empowering.  It helps you cultivate your awareness of the incredible energy all around and inside of you.  I recommend going into live guided meditation with someone on the level of Lionela over just using meditation apps.  You need expert guidance and you need a good atmosphere and focused energy of other people meditating with you.  It’s very powerful.  And Infinite You is the perfect place in Orange County to get started, or continue your journey.


Lionela and my team connected by way of our documentary film, In Pursuit of Silence. As our conversations grew in the area of meditation and mindfulness, we met up for a mindfulness session in her open and friendly studio. The sense of warmth in the room itself was enough to set one at ease as we went on to discuss our various road blocks to mindfulness. I shared my experiences with anxiety and being busy and was reassured time and time again that I was not alone. The experience of a mindfulness session with Lionea was itself enough to convince one of the importance of making time for mindfulness. Yet, she also backed up the lesson with an array of information and facts that continued to point us towards the significance. Her humble and loving way of teaching put me at ease every step of the way and I truly felt a renewed sense of life in my being and spirit by the end of our time together. If one is looking for a mindfulness session, coach, or class — I’d recommend Lionela and her studio, no matter the level of the student. If you are open to mindfulness, open to learning, and open to growing personally, this is an ideal place to be. Thank you, Lionela. 


Thank you so much for the meditation retreat I attended at Infinite You Meditation Studio. Everyone was so open and friendly and I felt very comfortable. It’s so good to know that I am not alone in feeling certain ways and it’s even better knowing that some people are on a journey to peace in their hearts and lives. I look forward to future retreats or workshops you offer to continue my path of spirituality, peace of mind and heart and loving myself and others.


Lionela changed my life!  Since my first session with her, in August 2015, I now manage stress more easily and enjoy life more fully. I’m happier and more present.  I noticed the difference immediately after our first meditation session.  With Lionela’s warmth, kindness, and guidance I am a new, better me! Going to Infinite You is one of the best things I do for myself; I highly recommend  her to de-stress and improve one’s clarity. 


Initially I choose Lionela’s service because she provided one-on-one sessions (I was a newbie) and she was “non-demoninational”…i.e. not associated with a specific sect of meditation. My goal was to reduce my anxiety and find some internal peace. I had just ended a relationship and was extremely anxious, stressed and unhappy and wanted to change my life. I wanted to tap into my subconscious rather than continuing to worry and use my intellect to solve problems which was no longer working.Lionela has one of the kindest hearts of anyone you will ever meet.  She does not push you into doing anything.  She is open and you can feel her positive energy. Her goal is truly to help others. The studio itself is quaint and nice  Beginning meditation classes at her studio truly changed my life. If you are stuck and want to change, but are unsure where to start I would highly recommend her beginner’s course. 


I have been struggling to maintain my mediation practice and decided to go to Lionela’s 5-week class with a friend. Since attending, I have been able to meditate much more regularly (70% of days with at least one session – according to my app). I attribute much of this to the new things I learned in Lionela’s class which have helped me immensely. The classes themselves are very pleasant and included very nice guided mediation sessions which I also found very helpful as an example for my practice. If you are just starting out or wanting to reinvigorate your practice, Lionela can help! I am looking forward to starting my second 5-week class!

Lionela has a beautiful calming presence and is exceptional with guided meditation and teaching the art of mindfulness. I love that she comes from a corporate career background and she understand the mindset of people who work there. Her knowledge of meditation, mindfulness, and strong sense of self are especially endearing. Most of all, she really seemed to care about ensuring you learn correctly how to meditate and how it will best fits your needs. Lionela has a real gift with her healing practices and is extremely insightful, offering up a wealth of information. I was pretty much a complete “newbie” when I came to her. Her attention to detail and guidance throughout the learning process made my path to meditation a breeze. For anyone who have insomnia or anxiety, this is a dream come true!. I am elated to have Lionela in my life and guiding me on the road to Namaste!!

I was blessed enough to experience 8 wonderful sessions with Lionela. I must admit, I was initially intimated and nervous to try meditation because not only could I not shut my thoughts off but I even struggled with sitting still for longer than a minute at a time. I will never forget my first session with Lionela and how she explained to me that meditation is not about letting go of your thoughts but rather being there with your thoughts and then just letting them pass by. It was in that moment I was relieved of all the pressure I put on myself and thought to myself “I am ready to give this mediation thing a try!” I honestly had no idea what to expect from these 8 sessions but what I do know now is that it was one of the best investments I have ever made! Not only did I learn so much about how to deal with my anxiety and how to clear the clutter in my head, I walked away with an amazing friend and mentor. Lionela truly is a professional in her trade but she is also an amazing and beautiful person from the inside out. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to be successful in your meditation practice is truly a gift that I feel everyone should experience. I am extremely grateful for our time together and I cant wait for more!

Lionela is a young woman with an old soul. She has clear eyes that focus on you like looking in the mirror. You can feel the kindness and peace inside her. It takes a long time to find a person like her, someone who is caring and genuine, someone who really wants to help and someone who is good at what she does. If you want to really learn about yourself allow Lionela to guide you into mindfulness. If you trust her, she will help you go deep inside yourself.

I sat there the first time with Lionela not knowing much about meditation. Eyes closed listening to her but inside me remained the cynicism, frustration and ire of dealing with many things. A strange thing happened as I relaxed. Near the end of that meditation I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of euphoria. There was a peaceful feeling. This sudden wonderful feeling lasted for several minutes. It felt like a wash cloth cleaning your heart,  warm, clean and nourishing. I didn’t understand and still couldn’t believe it, but I had to because it actually happened during that meditation.

I mentioned to Lionela what I experienced. She could only smile and say that during our silent mediation she had been sending me thoughts of love and kindness. It was a very powerful moment.

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