Next Step Program

Five-Week Program Starting May 23, 2017

Next Step Five-Week Program

Do you have a solid history in meditation and an established meditation practice but are wondering what you can do to take your meditation to the next level? Have you savored the power and impact that a mindful life can have but have not quite reached the energetic joyfulness that you hoped a meditative life would bring? Then our “Meditation – the Next Step” workshop is for you.

Come learn how to deepen and enrich your practice of meditation. If you have tasted even a hint of the wonderment that a mindful moment can give you or have had even one experience of beautiful stillness and serenity or felt that transformative explosion of an “awareness moment”, then imagine how satisfying the full meal will be.

Our “Next Step” course is designed to take both beginners and seasoned practitioners to new heights in their meditative practices. We will use timeless techniques, both ancient and modern, from wisdom cultures around the globe to bring heightened insight and abundant joy to our students and to allow them to start to realize the fruits that their journeys into meditation have so seemed to promise.

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$150 for five-week program

Five-Week Program (once a week)
May 23, May 30, June 6,
June 20, and June 27, 2017
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Note: There is no class on June 13.



Infinite You Meditation Studio
234 E 17th St, Suite 113, Costa Mesa

Lionela Torriero

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