Customized Private Meditation & Mindfulness Programs

My programs consist of a series of 8 one-on-one private sessions, designed and customized after an initial consultation. Working closely together we will come to understand what you need, identify your desires, and build a meditation pathway to fulfillment.

My online scheduling system will schedule your program to fit your needs…. we  can meet on a daily basis, or as frequently as you prefer.

For those unable to visit my Infinite You Meditation Studio and for people who live at different locations I offer private sessions on Skype to accommodate your schedule and program.

What is the cost?

  • Individual sessions are $95 per hour.
  • An 8-session program is $560, a substantial savings of $200.

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What does a program look like?

See some examples of past private programs I’ve created and hear what the clients had to say about their experience.

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Program Examples & Testimonials

Learning How to Meditate

(Designed for Judy L.; Mike J.; Mike N.; Jennifer N.)

  • Session 1) Breathing: How Meditation Begins
  • Session 2) Centering: Finding the Quiet in You
  • Session 3) Exploring Different Meditation Techniques
  • Session 4) Meditation and the Senses
  • Session 5) Overcoming Frustration – Finding Your Center When It Seems Impossible
  • Session 6) Walking Meditation – Learning How to Find Mindfulness in Motion
  • Session 7)  Meditative Discourse – Using Meditation to Solve Problems
  • Session 8)  The Infinite Possibilities – Imaging the Next Steps Beyond Simple Meditation
“I never understood how much there was to meditation.  I thought it was just a matter of sitting in silence.  Thank you Lionela.  You helped me see how much meditation and mindfulness has to offer.”
– Judy L.

“Wow… just wow.”
– Mike J.

“Definitely worth the time and investment.  These sessions opened my eyes to possibilities that I never would have imagined on my own.”
-Mike N.

You have a real gift.  Thank you for sharing it with me.”
– Jennifer N.

Improving My Broken Relationship

(Designed for Jane W.)

  • Session 1) A Mindful Assessment of What You Really Want from Your Relationship
  • Session 2) Using Meditation to Really Listen to Yourself and Your Loved One: Does He Really Want What You Think He Wants.
  • Session 3) Stating Your Mind – Finding the Courage to Tell Your Loved One What You Want
  • Session 4)  Getting to Yes – Using Stillness to Learn to Forgive and to Be Forgiven
  • Session 5)  The Power to Reach for the Love You Deserve
  • Session 6)  Envisioning the Best in Both of You
  • Session 7)  Finding Resolution – The Focus and Drive to Stay or the Strength to Go
  • Session 8)  Creating the Love that is Worthy of You
“When I came to Lionela, I had been in a relationship for three years, but there were so many trust issues and so many doubts between us. I worked with Lionela for two months. I came to understand that my relationship was bad because he did not know who I was and that I had no courage to let him know who I was. At first, the relationship improved, but then in one key meditation, I came to realize it would never be what I would want in a relationship. During a later meditation, I found the courage to break up with him, but the insight to do so in a way that kept the most important part of our relationship: the friendship. Now I’m in a good place. Dating again, but with a clear vision of what I want and how I can get it.”
– Jane W.

Harmonizing My Relationship

(Designed for James O.)

  • Session 1) A Mindful Approach to Determining What You Really Want out of Your Relationship
  • Session 2) Using Quietude to Listen to What Your Loved One Really Wants out of Your Relationship
  • Session 3)  Envisioning Communication: Using Meditation to Imagine the Conversations That You Ought to Be Having
  • Session 4)  Centering: Learning How to Find the Center of Yourself, Your Partner, and Your Relationship
  • Session 5)  Getting to Yes:  Envisioning and Creating a Space in Which Love Can Flourish
  • Session 6) Harmonizing: Bringing Your Partner in for a Meditation Session Together
  • Session 7) Envisioning the Future that will Make You Both Happy
  • Session 8) Creating: Using Meditation to Energize and Focus Your Commitment to Create Your Future with Your Partner
“Mary and I had been having real trouble in our relationship. Everything seemed to go stale. I didn’t know what I wanted out of it or what she wanted out of it anymore. But through my meditation program with Lionela, I recognized how much I really loved my wife and came to understand how much she loved me. Now, we are in a good place. Thanks Lionela.”

  • John K.

Career & Productivity Enhancement

(Designed for John K.)

  • Session 1) A Mindful Assessment of What You Really Want from Your Job
  • Session 2) Learning to Listen to What People at Work are Really Saying and What They Really Want
  • Session 3) Finding the Resolution to Take A Stance/ Take A Chance at Work
  • Session 4) Projecting Confidence
  • Session 5) Finding Powerful Focus
  • Session 6) Envisioning the Win
  • Session 7) Opening One’s Mind to All the Possibilities
  • Session 8) Creating My New Future
“After my program with Lionela, I found myself empowered to create a new dynamic in my work place. When I first came to her, I was in a dead-end job and didn’t know how to break out. But by the end of my program, I had the confidence to ask for a raise and a promotion. Now, 6 months later, I have left that job because a client love my work so much that he hired me for an even better position for more pay. Thank you Lionela.”
– James O.

Meditation & Mindful Recovery

(Designed for Lorraine C.)

  • Session 1)  Breathing – Learning Breathing Techniques to Develop Meditative Mind
  • Session 2)  Calmness – Learning to Find Quietude when You Feel Unhinged
  • Session 3)  Spirituality – Using Meditation to Fill the Spiritual Hole That Your Addiction Used to Fill
  • Session 4)  Everyday Meditation – Learning to Meditate No Matter What You Are Doing
  • Session 5)  Creating Focus – Using Your Meditation to Create a Focus for Your Future Living
  • Session 6)  Meditating and Overcoming – Using Meditation to Deal With Loss
  • Session 7)  Meditation and Healing – Using Mindfulness to Listen to and Really Hear Those Whom Your Addiction Had Alienated
  • Session 8)  Meditation and Your Real Self – Using Meditation to Define Who You Really Are and to Envision the Path That Allows You to Get to You
“I am a recovering addict.  I had been through treatment and had experienced many programs, but always felt that something was missing.  With Lionela, I found a connection to something deep in myself that was spiritual and purposeful.  My life is still one day at a time… It always will be.  But meditating with Lionela helped me to see that there is a bigger picture to it all and that my life is connected to that picture.”

Lorraine C.

We’d love to add your name to
our list of success stories!


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