Mindfulness and Meditation Programs


We offer specialized programs specifically designed to explore mindfulness and diverse meditation techniques, to learn the fundamental principles behind each technique, to develop practical skills, and to create a path to meditation and mindfulness that fits individual and organizational needs.

Meditation for Beginners

This course is designed to introduce you to the proven benefits of meditation. The course is specifically tailored to help you build the core foundation of meditative practice and intentional living.

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Transformation Meditation

If you have never meditated or you have tried and found it difficult to continue your practice, this course is for YOU. It will include the theory of meditation, effective techniques and practice time.

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Next Step Program

Our “Next Step” course is designed to take both beginners and seasoned practitioners to new heights in their meditative practices. Come learn how to deepen and enrich your practice of meditation.

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Corporate Mindfulness

Infinite You Meditation Studio creates unique, tailored programs for our corporate clients, given at your office, an off-site location, or our studio.

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A series of sessions designed and customized after an initial consultation. We will come to understand what you need, identify your desires, and build a meditation pathway to fulfillment.

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Overcoming Anxiety

Our “Overcoming Anxiety” course is designed to help you minimize the effects of anxiety on your productivity and thus lessen any impact that anxiety can have on your health and happiness.

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Half-Day Retreats

In half a day you will learn and master diverse meditation techniques, stretch and detox your body, and meet like-minded people under the guidance of wonderfully experienced instructors.

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Mindful Pregnancy

Numerous studies have shown that the environment that you create for your baby, not only postpartum, but during pregnancy can mold your child’s personality and affect her/his well-being.

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