Half-Day Meditation Immersion Retreat

July 29, 2017

Meditation Immersion Retreat

This workshop is designed for busy professionals and caregivers. Leaving work and family to attend week-long retreats, distant ashrams, and exotic locales is often costly and not practical. Our half-day meditation immersion retreat is designed specifically for people whose professional and familial responsibilities may be preventing them from learning the Art of Mindfulness and Meditation. In half a day you will learn and master diverse meditation techniques, stretch and detox your body, and meet like-minded people under the guidance of wonderfully experienced instructors.

We will begin our day with slow, gentle guided yogic movements designed to set the stage for a relaxed mind-body integration. Yoga eases neuromuscular pain and discomfort and improves posture, strength and mobility. We begin our session focused on the body so that we can free our mind of the pain and discomfort that stress and overwork have given us.

We transition into a series of specially designed breathing exercises. Breathing is at the soul of meditation. Proper breathing increases concentration, reduces stress, and allows us to focus with greater clarity.

Savoring our fine teas you will learn about the importance of a Sattvic diet. Sattvic food facilitates a person’s ability to enter a meditative state. You will learn the history of this culinary philosophy and the practical and healthful benefits of a Sattvic diet.

After a delicious and healthy breakfast we will journey into the history and cultural roots behind different meditative techniques. Meditation is an ancient practice that has evolved in many different ways across our all cultures. At the retreat you will be introduced to the evolutions of these practices so you might find the techniques and approaches that best fit your individual needs.

Before lunch we engage in our first in-depth meditative technique. The evolution of human culture has provided numerous meditative techniques, and our instructor will select one that is appropriate once we come to understand the needs and the meditative skills and interests of the class.

Our midday celebratory lunch will include a guided exploration of mindful eating. Mindful eating not only increases the joy and pleasure of food, but also encourages healthy eating habits that will provide you with the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the pure ecstasy of sustaining goodness.

After lunch, we will practice a mindfulness walking exercise designed to increase our energy for the rest of our workshop and to build on the skills that you have learned through the day. Walking meditation explores the world around us with a unique and fresh perspective that we once enjoyed as children… sights that we have seen but haven’t really looked at in years, scents that surround us that we ignored to our own great loss, sounds that once excited the ears, but that have now become merely unnoticed background.

We will also learn and explore a second meditative technique in depth. This second technique, too, will be chosen by our instructor based on the progress that we have made together during the day.

Finally, we will end our retreat with a guided meditation purposefully designed to weave together the threads of exploration in which we engaged throughout the day, seeking to energize and cement our commitment to live our lives with a robust and purposeful joy.

We hope you will join with us in this very special one day journey of cognitive meditation and personal exploration.


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Saturday, July 29, 2017
8:30 am – 2:30 pm



Infinite You Meditation Studio
234 E 17th St, Suite 113, Costa Mesa

Lionela Torriero and Sarah Ramos

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